Let me introduce you to my sweet, alter ego, Laura Ann!

As a USA Today and Amazon Best-Selling author, Laura Ann has captured the hearts of readers everywhere with her award-nominated, sweet small-town romances. She’s a master at crafting stories that bring Happy-Ever-Afters to life, leaving her readers swooning and satisfied.

Don’t miss out on the magic of her best-selling “Bulbs, Blossoms and Bouquets” series – it’s a must-read for anyone who loves a captivating and heart-warming romance!

You can find these incredible books on all major e-book retailers, be sure to grab your copy today!

Craving a dash of mystery in your reading? Look no further than Laura Pattillo’s mystery pen name, Abigail Lynn Thornton!

With her unique blend of magic, murder, and mystery, Abigail has captivated readers far and wide. Her Whitney Award-nominated “Le Doux Mysteries” series is a must-read for anyone looking for a light-hearted, but thrilling page-turner. In fact, In’D Tale Magazine called these books “Perfect!”, and it’s not hard to see why.

Get lost in the spellbinding, magical world of Hex Haven and discover why readers can’t get enough of these stories.

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