About Me

Even from a young age, I was driven by a passion for learning, writing and music. In college, I pursued my love of the arts by studying as an Opera Major at Brigham Young University and was privileged to perform for thousands, while working alongside top-tier professionals.

After settling down with my husband and starting a family in the stunning Pacific Northwest, I continued sharing my music by teaching private voice and piano lessons while raising our five children. But as my family grew, I began to tinker with my old childhood passion-writing. Very quickly, writing became much more than a fun, creative hobby and a career was born.

After going back to school to obtain a degree in Creative Writing, I published my first romance novel in 2017 and have since gone on to author over 65 novels, garnering thousands of 5-star reviews and reaching best-seller status on Amazon.

Having reached so many of my goals and finding so much joy in the journey has now driven me to want to share the love with others! I want to teach you how to achieve your writing goals by sharing my knowledge and expertise to bring your book to life and share it with the world.

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