Christmas In July

Although that catch phrase has become one of the biggest cliches known to man, it actually fits my household right now!  Thanks to the amazing Kurt Bestor, I have 2 newly arranged Christmas songs I am working on for the upcoming album.  I hope to have more soon. :)  I am also working on putting together a Christmas concert again this year.  Not only will it debut the new CD, but they are just plain fun!  I was hoping to get a charity involved this year.  Toys for Tots maybe?  A food bank?  Who do you think I should ask to be a part of my program?  Things are still in the initial planning stages, so there a lots of decisions to make.  Plus lots of practicing to do.  That never ends does it?  But at least I have wonderful music to work on.  What are you favorite christmas songs you would like to hear live?