Enduring to the End

Cats opened to rave reviews this last weekend!  Thank you to all who have come.  Please tell your friends! (assuming you enjoyed it ;)  The cast has been excited to show off all our hard work and we are also excited to spend time with our families.  We have 3 glorious days off and then are back at it this weekend for the curtain call.  I will admit that I have been super lazy on this, my first day off.  I’m fighting fatigue and a cold and dag nab it!  I’m taking it easy.  Trying to sleep my way out of being sick so I don’t have to blow my nose behind the curtain all weekend long again.  Luckily, my kids are okay with my laziness, as long as I am home.  :)  They have missed their mommy and I have missed being around.  Can I just say my husband is the best man in the whole world?  He has put up with so much to have me in this production and I am so grateful for his hard work and patience.  And my children, who miss me, but are excited to let me use my talents.  They are also the best ever.  Now… we shall endure to the end and then rejoice in our accomplishments. :)