Cats is moving along…but an unrelated question.

2 weeks into CATS rehearsals now.  I have to admit I’m having a good time.  I’ve got good friends with me and am enjoying getting to know new ones.  There are quite a few people in this cast I have either never worked with, or have no idea who they are.  Getting to know new people in the theatre community is always fun.  The music is proving to be challenging (which makes it awesome!)  I love a good challenge.  :)  This is going to be a good exercise in breath control.

So….I have a question for you.  I would really like to look into doing an Easter show.  My thought was to write an Easter fireside from the view point of Mary, incorporating music at intervals.  However- I really wanted new music to go with it, rather than trying to find existing music and getting permissions.  But now I’m pushing a timeline, asking for a bunch of brand new songs in 2 months time.  Do you think I can write a show around existing music?  What songs do you know that would work in a show like that?  I thought I would start with Jesus being a baby, but not necessarily his birth, since that is Christmas.  But Mary walking us through His life until the resurrection.  Her thoughts and feelings (well…my interpretation of her thoughts and feelings) as she watches her child go through all that He did.  Questions…comments…concerns?  Suggestions?  I’m open to hearing them all. :)