Sore legs!!

So, Christmas vacation is officially over, and my family spent all of it sick.  No bueno.  As such, I didn’t sing or exercise the whole 2 weeks off.  *sigh*  Now I have to make up for the time off, so I hit hard starting Monday night with the exercising.  I had a movement rehearsal for CATS which required muscles I was unaware of in my legs( who knew being a cat was so hard?), then I ran 4 miles Tuesday morning, followed by a fast paced tennis match later.  By Tuesday night, I could barely walk.  But that’s good right?  Help me out here, as I limp and wince my way through the house, I keep trying to convince myself that all these sore muscles are great, because it means that I really did a good workout and my legs will be all the better for it….eventually. :)  The singing, however, not as good.  My voice is still horrid.  I can still sing down into tenor range, and my high notes make me cough.  Grrrr.  (do cats grrrr?  Maybe it should have been a screech?)  I’m just ready for all this residual junk to go away and for my voice and body to be back in shape.  Funny how quickly our bodies deteriorate when ill or lazy.  But amazing that we can bring them back.  It might take time, but I will get back in shape and my voice will eventually recover.  Heavenly Father was so generous with our abilities when He made our bodies.  Maybe that’s what I should keep telling myself as I limp around the house.  *this is a gift, this is a gift, this is a gift*  :)