Beautiful Sunday Morning

As I sit listening to the sounds of my children play over their breakfast bowls, I am feeling particularly grateful this morning.  Grateful for my family and my life in general.  This last week we had a family reunion and I had 22 people crammed into my home.  Now truth be told, us adults could have used with some more privacy and peace, but the kids thrived.  (Despite the tantrums and overtiredness that occurred.)  They spent every waking moment playing with cousins from far and near.  I am so glad they have the chance to create those bonds.  So glad our family ties can last for eternity.  I made the choice many years ago to put my family first, which is why it has taken me so long to truly pursue anything along the lines of a music career.  It is only now that we are done having children and they are getting bigger that we felt that I could start to spread my wings.  I know that is how it should be (for me at least), my family first and music second.  I will always be infinitely grateful to a merciful Lord that he has seen fit to help me cram music into my busy life.  It helps keep me anchored when the demands of 5 children pull me in every direction.  It’s my outlet and my peace.  I love what I do and sitting here this morning has reemphasized those blessings.  I have a wonderful family and I have a chance to spread my music.  My life is truly blessed.